Hi, I’m Helen

I’ve always been in touch with the feelings and emotions of those around me but at some point I lost sight of my own. This culminated with me one day saying ‘no more’ to a rather taxing job and demanding boss with questionable behaviour. My soul simply couldn’t take another moment. I wasn’t sleeping, I was waking up with high anxiety and living on my nerves for 9 hours a day. Walking away from this was the biggest, bravest, best thing I’ve ever done. I took back my power. However, my self-esteem had taken a battering over the 6 years of working within that environment and my confidence was somewhat diminished.

So, I sought help and found a wonderful Therapist, specialising in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, who supported me in recalibrating the outdated programming of my mind around my ability in the work place. I needed to connect back to what made my heart sing and not just with regards to work. Together, we worked to uncover my strengths, my core values and my beliefs. I now understand how I’ve always been able to provide ‘wise counsel’ to others; how I have the ability to understand what makes people tick, that honesty is one of my top values and how everything I do in life involves a little humour, plenty of kindness and considerable fairness.

Learning this inspired me to train with the Founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester, at The Quest Institute.  I am now a Master Practitioner in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Coaching. I have gone on to study PSYCH-K as well as AMDR (Applied Movement Desensitisation & Reconsolidation) which integrates EMDR methods with mindfulness, Somatic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I also am proficient in Wordweaving, a unique method of conveying hypnotic language, which enables me to provide bespoke scripts for clients to encourage and bring about positive changes.

I have a holistic approach to therapy, offering simple, considered, down-to-earth sessions which everyone can relate to. I work very intuitively which enables me to inspire and empower you to make the changes you desire within your life. As my own development continues I have added extra strings to my bow including Crystal healing, which I now offer from a beautiful therapy room in Folkestone, Kent.

I am dedicated to continuing my professional development (CPD) so that I can offer the best service possible to my clients. I am a member of the National Council For Hypnotherapy (NCH) and Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association (QCHPA), abiding by their strict Code of Ethics. I am fully insured.

Let’s have a chat about how I can help you take the first exciting steps to a new you.