Everything in life is a Vibration
~Albert Einstein~

Just like us, Crystals are living beings. They raise and magnify energy vibrations, whether within us, our environment, the earth or animals.

Crystals will enhance your daily life; whether worn as jewellery, placed around the Home or carried about your person. They help to balance energy both in and around the body. They show us how to live in harmony with life and all its lessons. Crystals can serve as a reminder of something important to us by acting as ‘anchors’. By tuning into an issue and assigning it to a Crystal means that every time you see or connect to that Stone, it will act as a reminder of what you are trying to achieve/let go of/aim for.

Crystals are readily available these days and it is important to purchase from someone who you resonate with. Make sure you are happy with the way the Crystals they supply have been mined from the ground; an unloved Crystal feels very different vibrationally to one that has been mined with conscious consideration. Where ever you obtain your crystals from, always cleanse them with either sacred smoke (Sage/Incense) or under fresh running water (some Stones are water soluble so always check first) and spend some time connecting with them. We are merely guardians of these Stones. Often we know when to pass one onto someone who perhaps needs it more than us.

Connecting with Crystals is a very personal, intuitive experience. It is a connection through the heart not the head. With so many Crystal books available these days I would still encourage an intuitive selection by holding whichever speaks to you. You will always be attracted to what you need at that time and can always read up on it later; you might be surprised to read that the crystal you’ve selected is exactly what you need at that time.

About Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is centred around but not limited to the 7 major Chakras or energy centres of the body. Certain Crystals work brilliantly for particular Chakras, which is beneficial to know should you want to add some into a meditation.

Base Chakra:

Base of Spine // Crystal: Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz // Grounding, abundance

Sacral Chakra:

The space just below the belly button // Crystal: Carnelian // Creativity, Connection to others

Solar Plexus:

The soft space just below the Breast bone // Crystal: Citrine // Gut reaction, personal power

Heart Chakra:

Centre of the Chest // Crystal: Malachite, Rose Quartz // Love, relationships and self acceptance

Throat Chakra:

Bottom of the throat // Crystal: Blue Lace Agate // Speaking your truth, Self expression

Brow/Third eye:

Centre of forehead just above the eyebrows //Crystal: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli // Intuition, Sense of purpose

Crown Chakra:

Top of head // Crystal: Selenite, Clear Quartz // Connection to the divine


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