Solution Focused Therapy is for you if:

  • You’re fully committed to making a change to your life
  • You’re prepared to clear issues from the past
  • You’re ready to feel empowered and to learn how to tap into your inner resources and strengths
  • You’re ready to work out what the future holds
  • You’re prepared to dedicate a little time outside of our sessions to implement the things that you’ve learnt

How I can help


Soul Guidance

Take full responsibility for your own empowerment by connecting to your intuition and understanding what makes you tick.  Delve into and learn techniques that will support you in making everyday life a joy.


Crystal Healing

Crystals are placed on and/or around the Chakra points of the body and face either singularly or in a grid pattern, to align and balance the bodies energy. Learn how crystals can enhance your daily life; whether worn as jewellery, placed around the Home or carried about your person.


Clarity & Flow

When we are in alignment with our hopes and desires, we experience ease and grace, a sense of effortless flow. In this state we become a magnet to attract all that we want in our Life.  When we are out of alignment we can feel like life is a constant struggle.


Fear & Anxiety

Anxiety is the fear of what hasn’t happened yet and invariably the ‘it’ that’s causing the anxiety never materialises. Solution focused therapy works to find the root of the problem and re-programme it.


Authenticity & Self Esteem

Social anxiety is a huge thing in this day and age. Many people doubt their own abilities, lack confidence or feel they are not good enough. Together we look to build your confidence and self-esteem by strengthening your sense of self which will help you to utilise your inner strength and resources.


Life Alignment

Living in such a fast paced world we sometimes lose direction of where we are heading and why. Together we can get to the root of anything you feel is holding you back and stopping you to reach your goals and true potential. NLP works to boost your confidence, encourage you to change direction and gain clarity within yourself.