Nail Biting

As a literal lifelong sufferer of chronic nail biting
(I honestly couldn’t… and still can’t remember when I started)

I’m essentially cured thanks to Helen. Her professional and personable style was an instant ice breaker, a perfect trait for someone practicing what I believe for many will be daunting first experience; and as a scientist I’m a results-centric person… all I can say is the novelty of having nails has yet to wear off and every now and again I catch myself staring at them in awe!
A very positive testimonial.

~ Dr. Paolo A Farina, 31

Health fear

After a traumatic health experience some years back I developed a fear of any health issue no matter how innocuous.  Prior to the health scare I had experienced years of care free living without any unwarranted concern for my own or others general health and well being, so this was certainly a new problem. It really became crippling though to even consider the possibility of a health problem however small.

After a couple of sessions with Helen I was able to deal with the original incident in my memory and move forward with a positive approach to health and deal with any issues pragmatically and without the negative emotion which had been hampering me previously.

~ Caroline, 38

Self doubt

Helen helped me iron out feelings of self doubt and inadequacy ahead of starting my own business.

Her use of timeline regression was the most useful part of the therapy for me. My mind transported me back to a key and very poignant time in my childhood where these feelings of inadequacy began.

It was a moment I had barely reflected on before, but feeling that I was re-living that time, with my ‘adult wisdom’ onboard, allowed me to put those fears to bed!

I found Helen’s approach to be very calm, understanding, professional and most importantly, productive. I would thoroughly recommend Helen Ford Cognative Therapy.

~ Suzy, 42

Taking Responsibility

I’ve been listening to the recording and it’s been quite helpful relaxing me and keeping me on track. I can get quite flustered and overwhelmed and that sometimes stops me from seeing the bigger picture so it’s really beneficial to have a reminder of the things I want in my life.

Today was the first day back at work for a couple of weeks but I’m proud to say that I did well to stay on top of my responsibilities, direct my energy appropriately, motivate myself to chip away at the list of stuff I need to get done and really be happy about achieving what I did well instead of overwhelming myself with unnecessary pressure.

I couldn’t have done any of this without your help! I want to say thank you for everything you have done to help me get this far – it really means so much to me.

~ Dan, 33

Needle phobia

After a life long fear of needles which stemmed from a childhood trauma, I was so surprised at the sudden shift I experienced in the hospital visit that followed my sessions with Helen. I was completely relaxed during the visit. In the past I would have been agitated and in tears. I can only say that Helen’s help has been life changing for me!

~ Kate, 40


Helen is a really gifted therapist and instantly inspires confidence and calm. She really helped me to understand my issues around relationships and to change. I feel so much better and more empowered.

~ Gill, 65

Fear of Motorway Driving

Thank you so much for all your help, I really do think our sessions played a big part in getting me started and now I think I just need to keep doing lots of little drives and get some more confidence.

~ Ruth, 35

Crystal Healing

I was very blessed to have experienced Helen’s crystal healing. This was incredibly relaxing and I felt all my stress just slip away.

~ Margarite, 52

Crystal Healing

Helen’s approach is calming, friendly and sincere, you instantly feel you’re in safe hands.

She chose specific crystals for me and was very knowledgeable explaining what each crystal was for and how it helped me.

I found the whole experience wonderfully relaxing and beneficial and would highly recommend Helen to anyone.

~ Wendy, 50

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing with Helen was a delight. I arrived feeling rather ‘busy’ to say the least but her calming energy and the beautiful space put me at ease.

Her healing work was beautifully intuitive, each cleansed and charged crystals handpicked for me on the day to compliment my own vibration.

Overall the session left me feeling revitalised and soothed.  I totally recommend crystal healing with Helen any time you need an energetic MOT.

~ Becca, 38