Solution Focused Therapy

I offer a complementary 30 minute session to all potential new clients either by phone, Skype (or similar) or in person. My preference would always be to meet in person, as it is incredibly important that you work with someone who is right for you. Having an initial meeting means you will be able to decide whether I am someone that you would like to work with or not. There is no expectation for you to commit to working with me after our initial meeting.

Most issues can be worked through and dealt with in around 4-7 sessions. Minor issues could take as little as 2 sessions.

A typical therapy session

An initial consultation will take around 75 minutes. Having discussed what you would like to achieve from our sessions, the next step is to identity the unconscious root of the issue. Each session is designed completely to your requirements which will allow the most effective changes to take place in the shortest time possible. Between us we create a therapeutic partnership to work together to achieve the changes or goals that you want within your life.

When you come and see me for a session you can expect the following:

  • A session designed for you that will last 60-75 minutes
  • A confidential safe space to be listened to and understood
  • A safe, client-based approach
  • A bespoke treatment plan, tailor made to meet with your desired outcome
  • A bespoke MP3 download of hypnotic suggestions created for you, when appropriate.
  • To learn practical techniques that you can use in your daily life
  • Email support between sessions as and when necessary

Initial Consultation and therapy session 75 minutes £125

Further sessions 60 minutes £100

Book a package of 3 online therapy sessions (usually £275) for £225. To be paid upfront and in advance of first session. Any further sessions to be charged at usual rate unless agreed seperately. Limited availability.


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a non-invasive, relaxing, energy based experience undertaken fully clothed on a therapy couch.

Crystals are selected using a combination of intuition and pendulum dousing. These may be placed on and/or around the Chakra points of the body and face either singularly or in a grid pattern, depending on what is required. You may also be given Crystals to hold. The Crystals are activated using a Master Crystal point at which point further hands-off healing may be given if required. As with any energy work the experience varies from person to person; you may feel heat or coolness, different sensations and/or visions or you may just fall into a deep relaxation. Energetically, the work takes place where it is required.

At the end of the treatment, Crystal placement may be discussed to ascertain any problematic areas or experiences felt within the session.

Supply of ethical Crystals, Crystal kits and sourcing special one-off pieces is available upon request

Initial Consultation and therapy session 75 minutes £110

Further sessions 60 minutes £85

Workshop collaborations available upon request


I currently work in South West London (Putney) Payments can be made by cash on the day or Bank transfer prior to appointment.

I require 48 hours notice to rearrange or cancel appointments to avoid charging the full fee.

Package bookings can be agreed upon request

Solution Focused Therapy and Crystal Healings are complementary treatments and are not a replacement for seeking medical advice where appropriate or as a replacement for any medical requirements, including medication.