If you’ve found my page, you’re probably looking to make changes to yourself and your life.

  • Are there changes you’re looking to make but can’t?
  • Do you feel stuck, perhaps without knowing why?
  • Are you resisting or procrastinating?
  • Do you want to change an old story or pattern?
  • Are you feeling lost?

What gets in the way of you reaching your highest potential, is invariably the unconscious mind. By re-framing old stories no longer serving you, you create space for major transformation. I support you in uncovering any limiting beliefs and dissolving anything that’s in the way of you stepping into your highest potential, empowering you to return to the wisdom of who you are, connect back to your natural intuition and gently shift your consciousness to enable you to live a life full of possibility.

Healing work generally starts with the self. It’s easy to blame external factors for where we are now but this renders us powerless. As the layers shed and you start understanding who you are; your own power, authenticity and truth, you can align your to your hopes and desires and enter a state effortless flow. In this state you become a magnet to attract all that you want in your Life.

I am a Hypnotherapist and Self Empowerment coach. I help people like you find their way by using a powerful combination of Solution Focused Therapies. Together we work to uncover any unconscious beliefs holding you back to enable you to live a life full of possibility.

We are all unique individuals and the way we experience Life is specific to each and every one of us. I offer a bespoke service, tailored to suit your needs, enabling you to take full responsibility for your own self-empowerment which will support you to move forward in the most positive and powerful way.

Through working together, you will tap into and develop your unique gifts and sense of self. You will learn techniques and practical tools that you can use daily for support, nourishment and connection back to your Soul Self.

Start by making a small change: Download my complimentary recording to help you attract and notice how luck appears in your life. Listen to this daily and begin to notice all the differences that make the difference.

“As the Sun, we always rise again”

~ K. Tolnoe ~

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